UI Design, Prototyping, Research


Ax-Track is a GPS tracking application Adnexo. The long lasting, low-energy hardware devices have been originally developed to track sheep and other animals in the alps. I’ve redesigned the interface and conducted tests with users in other domains including logistics, e-mobility and asset tracking.

The app screen with search bar on top and a list of trackers on the bottom.
Screenshot of the interface showing assets in a virtual geo-fence and a selected asset on the side. Individual animals can be color coded. Animal groups are displayed as clusters.

User Interface

The design is universal and works on small and large screens. A panel is shown side by side with an interactive map. The mobile first design approach not only works well on any device, but was also fast to prototype and implement.

The user interface suits two purposes: View details about a single tracker, including battery level, name and information about the last update. Search trackers based on name, type or status)

Map Design

An interactive map is core to the user experience. For sheep tracking, user research had shown, that topographic maps are preferred way for people tracking animals in the mountains. For other use cases, such as tracking electric scooters, a road map style is used.